Microsoft® Power BI Desktop® NPI file


1. Download the sample database & docs.
2. View the Schema (Major Tables).

File Details

1. File is Version 2.108.825.0.
2. Size on disk is ~4Gb. 

Rapid Productivity

Using the intuitive schema and five views it doesn't take long to become productive using our database.

Power BI Cloud Ready

Easily deployed to Power BI online (Cloud).

Reasonably Priced

Compared to our competitors, our price cannot be beat. It took us many hours of design and performance enhancements to create and continually improve this database.

Well Engineered

Our NPI database is designed by professional database engineers for; 
accuracy, ease of use, and performance.

Power BI Desktop File Purchase (One Month)

 Power BI Desktop File no updates. If you have not received the Email with credentials in 10 minutes: call or text us @ 757-263-4751