MariaDB NPI database

Database Details

1. MariaDB database is Version 10.9.
2. Installed size on disk is ~17Gb. 
3. Maria database format is an export dump file (.sql).
4. Download file (zipped) is about ~1.7Gb.
5. Follow the instructions on the FAQ page if the import of the database takes too long to import.

Installation Note

Do not import the 7Gb. MariaDB export file from a wireless connection. Move the file to a network file share or the database machine and run the import from there. Customers who have tried to import over wireless say that it takes more than 24 hours. 
Another help is to alter the amount of RAM allocated to MariaDB.

Cloud Ready

Whether you are using Azure or AWS, this database can be deployed to the cloud. (Using the appropriate service)

Well Engineered

Our NPI database is designed by professional database engineers for; 
accuracy, ease of use, and performance.
 The database is indexed properly and the primary key (PK) on most tables is the NPI number.

Five Useful Views

The database contains five views that are easily joined with other views. "vw_All_Addresses_Phones" returns all Address and Phone Number combinations.

Rapid Productivity

Using the intuitive schema and 10 views it doesn't take long to become productive using our database.

Create an ERD

The product has an empty schema included with the download in which you can utilize for online or desktop ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) programs. You don't have to start from scratch.

MariaDDatabase Purchase (One Month)

 MySql NPI Database no updates. If you have not received the Email with credentials in 10 minutes: call or text us @ 757-263-4751.