.CSV Files

What are the advantages of using .csv files?

The .csv files can be opened or imported directly into Excel 2010 and higher .CSV files are ubiquitous and may be imported into pretty much any database. **Note** The .CSV files do NOT contain the extra data from the "CMS National Downloadable File". **/Note**

Download File Details - State Abbreviation.zip (Example VI.zip for Virgin Islands)

1. The first file is the "main" .csv file. it is named State.csv (Example VI.csv for Virgin Islands).  (See Fields below). 
.CSV main file (Excel Preview)

2. The second file has additional practice locations (Example VI_additional_prac_locs.csv for Virgin Islands additional practice locations). (See Fields below).  .CSV additional practice locations. (Excel Preview)

3. File number three is "CSV_File_Resources.txt", it contains details about the .csv files. Additional resources file Notes / Code/ Tips (.txt Preview)

What fields are in the "main" .csv file?

NPI, EntityType, EntityDescription, EnumerationDate, UpdateDate, OrganizationName, OtherOrganizationName, LegalBusinessName, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Suffix, CredentialText, Proper_Name, SoleOwner, SubPart, Gender, Office_Contact_Title, Office_Contact_NamePrefix, Office_Contact_FirstName, Office_Contact_MiddleName, Office_Contact_LastName, Office_Contact_NameSuffix, Office_Contact_Telephone, Office_Contact_Credential, GroupName, BUS_Address1, BUS_Address2, BUS_City, BUS_State, BUS_PostalCode, BUS_Voice, BUS_Fax, PRAC_Address1, PRAC_Address2, PRAC_City, PRAC_State,PRAC_PostalCode, PRAC_Voice, PRAC_Fax, PECOS_Registered, PECOS_PART_B, PECOS_HHA,PECOS_DME, PECOS_PMD, TAXONOMY, TAXONOMY_Group_Classification, TAXONOMY_Specialization, TAXONOMY_CODE, TAXO_IS_PRIMARY 

What fields are in the additional practice locations .csv file?

NPI, EntityType, PROPER_NAME, PRAC_Address1, PRAC_Address2, PRAC_City, PRAC_State, PRAC_PostalCode, PRAC_Voice, PRAC_Fax

"main" .csv file counts.


Some .csv files need to be imported into MS Excel instead of just double-clicking them to open. MS Excel does not handle zip codes that start with a "0", phone numbers that begin with "0", etc.

"Import data from a CSV, HTML, or text file" Microsoft.com Support link (Opens a new tab / window)

.CSV Purchase One Month or One Year

For one month purchase: quantity = 1. For the yearly purchase set the quantity = 10. If you have not received an Email with credentials within 10 minutes, call or text Us @ 757-263-4751.