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· Npidatasource provides the CMS NPPES NPI database in a reasonably priced, enterprise grade product.

· The database is not "normalized" by design such that 95% of your queries may be pulled from two Aggregate tables with no joining. You don't have to possess advanced sql skills to pull data for your business within minutes of product installation.

· Our .CSV products are organized by state and all files are ready to open/import in Microsoft® Excel® 2010 and greater.

· Once purchased, you will receive an E-mail with credentials to access your files in ~10 minutes. 

We have enriched the NPI database to include the: "CMS National Downloadable File", "Hospital General Information File", and "Physician Compare Additional Phone Numbers". These files add about 6 million address/phone numbers to the product and are not more than three years old.

We have added a table: "All_Addresses_Phones" which contains all addresses and phones from all sources.

.CSV Files

The .CSV files are broken down by "State". For example the California file contains practitioners whose "Practice Location" or "Business Location" is "CA". All files will open in Excel 2010 and greater. Once purchased you will have access to all of the .csv files, no limit on number of downloads or state. Sample Main File. Sample Additional Practitioners File.

PostgreSQL 15.5

Engineered for performance and ease of use.  Easily imported into any PostgreSQL 15.5 or AWS RDS / Azure Instance. Sample.

Microsoft® Sql-Server® 2019

Engineered for performance and ease of querying. Easily imported into a Cloud or On-Prem Database. All of our databases use the same schema which has been refined over the past eight years. Sample.


Single collection imported with 1 file. Multivalued data is nested in "Arrays". The MongoDB product has every element from the NPI files. Sample.

MySql® 8.0

Engineered for performance and ease of use.  Easily imported into; AWS Aurora, AWS RDS, or any MySql 8.0 and above database. Sample.

Custom Format and Filters

We provide custom exports available in many database and text types. We produce custom files for many of our customers. Please use the contact us form and we will get right back to you!