The NPPES/CMS "Enterprise Grade" Enhanced NPI Database

Our purchasing model has changed - One single $100 purchase includes ALL Databases and .CSV files for a 1 month period.

✓ Data updated Jun. 14, 2024 - Data is updated monthly utilizing the "Full Replacement Monthly NPI File".

✓ Professionally engineered in the USA and easy to use without advanced Sql knowledge.

✓ Enjoy a virtually instantaneous download experience! Upon receipt of your order, an email will swiftly follow, providing you with a designated username and password for seamless access to your files.

✓ We have enriched the product to include the: CMS National Downloadable File
CMS Hospital General Information File, and CMS Doctors and Clinicians File. These files add an additional 6 million address/phone numbers and the data is not more than 3 years old.

✓ Explore our versatile database services, covering a wide array of databases and file sets. Whether you need help processing, extracting, transforming, or loading data, our skilled data engineers are at your service. Reach out via our Contact form for a prompt response. With competitive pricing and a swift turnaround, we ensure efficient solutions tailored to your database needs.

DataBase Version Sample Cloud Ready Purchase
  SQLite 3 SqLite Included
  Sql Server 2019 MS Sql-Server Included
mongoDB 7 MongoDB Included
MySQL 8.0 MySql Included
PostgreSQL 15.5 PostgreSQL Included
.CSV -- .CSV Main File
.CSV Additional Practitioners File
Custom Output -- -- -- --