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The NPPES NPI flat files transformed into Relational Databases and .CSV Files

.CSV Features

Import into most Databases and CRM systems.

.CSV is a universal format which can be imported virtually anywhere.  

Open Directly in Excel 2010 and Above.

Each File has less than 1 million records so you may manipulate / filter / process directly in Excel.

Contain over 50 of the most requested fields.

Taxonomy, Names, Office Contacts, Practice and Business Addresses, Voice and Fax Phone Numbers, Pecos Data.

Updated Monthly.

All of our products including .CSV files are updated monthly on or about the middle of the month.

One Year of Updates to all of the .CSV files

The .CSV (yearly) product price includes 12 months of free updates.

One Month no updates to all of the .CSV files

The One time .CSV product price is significantly cheaper than than the yearly cost.