DATABASE UPDATED: 10/13/2018.                          

          We offer the full CMS NPPES / NPI database / Pecos in ms SQL-SERVER and MYsql at A VERY REASONABLE COST ($125.00).                                                                          

          THE DATABASE IS aLSO aVAILABLE (UPON REQUEST) IN PRACTICALLY ANY export FORMAT; csv, tsv, Excel.                          


easy to implement into your existing healthcare / research database infrastructure.

Monthly Updates.


JSON TABLE WITH ALL NPI RECORDS IN A "RFC 4627 VALID" JSON BLOB. this feature lends itself to building a performant web application or NPI API.

Sql-Server Products compatible with 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 (All Editions except express), and Azure Sql Database V11 and V12.

Practitioner PECOS Registration included.

excellent value.

sAMPLE databases available to download.

MySql Products; Compatible with Release 5.6 and above.


All data has been de-duplicated and properly cased.


  • What format are the product files in?

    The Sql-Server product is in a standard .mdf data file (Ver. 2008). The MYSql product is in a self-contained export file  (Ver. 5.7). 

  • How much disk space do the databases require?

    The Sql-Server product uses about 25Gb. The MYSql product uses about 17Gb. 

  • Is the Express edition of sql-server compatible?

    No, Sql-Server Express has a hard limit of 10Gb. of data file storage. 

  • How often is the product updated?

    Every month on the same day the monthly full file is available on the NPPES site. The PECOS data is also updated at that time.

  • How come there isn't a delta file?

    Every file is a full file so that you may skip a month or any time period for that matter and update to the latest content. 

  • How do I update my database with the latest information?

    Included in the product .zip file is an update script to run with your existing database from the latest updated database.

  • We have changed the schema of our copy of the NPI database, how do we update the database without losing those changes?

    The update script will run without editing in most cases. If you removed objects from the database you may have to edit the update script (It references a dropped object). If you have added extra objects the update script will run without any problems. The update script will need to be changed if you have changed the Procedures and Tables from the initial product download.

  • What are the licensing requirements?

    The databases are distributed using the GPL License.

  • I searched for a provider and the address is incorrect, why?

    The only data manipulation we do is remove duplicates and properly case the names and such. The address is incorrect because that's the way it is in the origonal file. Properly cased columns include; First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address components, Organization names, and Contact names. The proper casing is performed so that address labels may be printed. Duplicates are removed from; Practitioner Identifiers, Practitioner Taxonomies, and Practitioner Taxonomy Groups.

  • Is the schema of the sample database the same as the full database?


  • Who is npidatasource?

    We are a small company owned and operated by Database Professionals who have worked with the NPPES / NPI database since its creation.  We have created a set of first class Database Products which any IT shop  / Researcher will find accurate, expediant, and easy to implement.  


DOWNLOAD the SAMPLE Database...

  • sample Sql-Server 2008 NPI Database

    This is a free sample offering in Sql-Server. Contains; 250 Individual Practitioner, 250 Organizational, and 50 Deactivated records. The sample includes the update script to use when updating your copy of the database.


    This is a free sample offering in MYSql. Contains; 250 Individual  Practitioner, 250 Organizational, and 50 Deactivated  records. The sample includes the update script to use when updating your copy of the database.

Current database revision and record counts

Database Update on 10/13/2018

File: NPPES Data Dissemination (October 09, 2018)

Total NPI Records - 5,625,240                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Address Records - 11,250,480 

Office Contact Records - 1,299,017   

Identifier Records - 4,976,351  

Taxonomy Group Records  - 663,457 

Taxonomy Records  - 6,964,072

Telephone Records  - 16,136,714

Pecos Registered - 1,423,080

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